Do’s and Don’ts of Online Property Registration: A Quick Checklist for Bangalore Residents


A home is where our heart belongs, and down the line, each one of us aspires to live in our dream home. At ZeroChaos, we believe that investing in a home isn’t merely a matter of money; it is a result based on emotional investment too. And with that intent, our blog aims to share with you the property registration process and the do’s & don’ts associated with it. So, when you step out to buy your dream home, then you, as a buyer, should be well-prepared for the hindrances as well as the challenges.


We hope you are aware that the Karnataka government has eased online property registration by launching an online portal. Through this portal, you can access property-related documents, instead of visiting the sub-registrar’s office. Here’s a list of do’s that you should take care of before proceeding.


Understand the guidelines:

Just like offline preparation, you must thoroughly prepare yourself for the online registration too. We advise you to thoroughly review the online registration guidelines. Visit the official website of the Department of Stamps & Registration Services and carefully read all guidelines mentioned on their website.


Gather all important documents:

Documents are pre-requisite and you cannot afford to go wrong here. Make a list of all the documents beforehand like property documents, ID proofs, address proofs, encumbrance certificates, etc., scanned and saved in the prescribed format.


Double-check the entries:

Once you have entered property registration details and are done with the payment, review all the information that you have entered.


Keep a record of your transaction:

With all the efforts that you have put in, it’s now time to print or save a copy of the acknowledgment receipt. Also, do not forget to track the application status online regularly.

While we know you’ll properly take note of all the do’s, it’s time to look into the don’ts, which are equally important to understand.


Writing incomplete applications:

Rechecking before submitting is important. Make sure you’ve all the necessary documents and information filled out before submitting the online application. 


Missing out on payment deadlines:

It’s mandatory for everyone to pay the stamp duty and registration fees in the given time frame. If you miss out on the dates, you may have to pay the penalties.


Neglecting legal advice:

If you get stuck during complex transactions or you face queries during the process, then seek out a lawyer who specialises in property law.


A quick checklist for the residents of Bangalore:


Bangaloreans are always in a hurry! With a lot of tasks in their hand, they tend to miss out on a few things. And there’s no exception to the property registration process, which needs meticulous attention. Here are a few things to keep in mind-


  1. Understand this: Incomplete applications are rejected, which causes rework and further delay in the process. Set a deadline for yourself and likewise start and complete the process thoroughly.
  2. Beware of phishing scams, no matter how busy you are, always check with whom you are sharing your personal information, login credentials, and OTPs.
  3. Make use of the helpline number. If you encounter any technical difficulties during the process, reach out to online support channels.


Another easy way out is to reach ZeroChaos, here, we will not only help you with online property registration details but also take care of the entire process on your behalf. Our transparent and streamlined workflow automation makes the process extremely simple and hassle-free.

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