Get Rental Agreement Online – A Step-by-Step Guide with ZeroChaos


Imagine having the ease of getting paperwork done from the comfort of your home. A complete no-broker rental agreement? In today’s world of hustle culture, convenience plays a key role.

As the world shifts to the digital era, gaining popularity are platforms that help you break free from conventional practices. From banking to business, everything now has a digital platform.

Looking for an efficient platform to simplify paperwork related to your home? ZeroChaos is your ultimate solution. We are thoughtfully designed to eliminate lengthy paperwork, reducing the carbon footprint as well.

ZeroChaos is the most comprehensive solution to all your rental agreement needs. Everything is digitally managed, keeping in mind your ease.

Our primary aim? To empower you by simplifying the entire process of creating home ownership in Bangalore and many other states via legally vetted processes and utmost transparency. One of our most popular features is our online rental agreement and we want to help both parties i.e. landlords and tenants to have a comfortable experience facilitating this.

Following is a quick guide with crisp steps, which will help you seal that deal. Read on to know more!

6 Easy Steps To Getting Hassle-free House Rental Agreement

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

A very simple step to being – all you need to do is visit this link, enter your name and email, and hit ‘Continue’.

Step 2: Generate the rental agreement

Fill in the details of the property, the owner, and the tenant. You will need to enter the amount of stamp paper and the type of digital signature to proceed. Make sure you review all the information before proceeding. Once stamp paper is purchased, the type of signature cannot be changed.

From rules to additional terms to clauses, ZeroChaos allows you to make an agreement that is transparent, informative, and error-free. You can also check out the Rental Act to know what you are entitled to as a landlord/tenant.

Step 3: Make the payment

A platform fee of Rs.499 + GST has to be made before you proceed. Also, the stamp duty needs to be paid.

Step 4: Review and Edit

Take a moment to review the entire agreement, if any edits are necessary, make them before proceeding. Some of the very common disputes can be avoided at this step.

Step 5: E-signatures for the win

One of the finest features of ZeroChaos is that you can digitally sign on the papers. Easily skip the traditional way of adding signs to documents. You can just e-sign the documents and then proceed to save them. The e-sign is done digitally or by Aadhaar Card, all done under lawful guidelines.

Step 6: Save, Download and Share

Once the agreement is finalised, download a copy for your records. ZeroChaos typically provides the option to save the agreement as a PDF, making it easily accessible whenever needed. The agreement is automatically sent in email and to other parties after each has signed. And THAT completes your entire rental agreement process – in a jiffy!

Summing It Up!

This quick and efficient guide to getting your rental agreement online with ZeroChaos helps you with the convenience of technology, saving your time, and ensuring a smooth rental process for both landlords and tenants. It’s simple, it’s crisp, it’s transparent!

If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at +91 70900 11220 or shoot us an email at

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