ZeroChaos Rental Agreement vs. Traditional Rental Agreements: What’s Better for Your House Rental?


Renting a house isn’t a daunting task, having that, you must take note of a few things before you invite the tenants in. The first thing you, as a landlord, should do is to get a house rental agreement done. A rental agreement is a contract between the owner of a property (landlord) and a renter (tenant) who wishes to stay on that property temporarily. If you’re new to this term, then let us help you explain in brief what it is-

Now that you know what a rental agreement is, let’s understand the two known methods of making this agreement, and knowing which is better for you.

1.Traditional Rental Agreement

As the name suggests, a traditional rental agreement requires you to fill out the form and collect all the important documents, and legal requirements, in addition to stamping & registering- all by yourself.

The process starts with stating your terms and conditions on plain paper. It then requires both parties (landlord and tenant) to carefully read and crosscheck the agreement before proceeding.

The rental agreement is then printed on the stamp paper of appropriate value. Once done, both parties need to go to the local sub-registrar’s office with 2 witnesses.

The next big task on your hand is to carry the important documents. This includes- original/photocopy of the title deed, Tax receipt or Index II, Address proof (both parties}, identity proof, and two passport-size photos (both parties).

Once done, you then have to pay the registration fee, stamp duty charges, and legal consultancy charges.

2.ZeroChaos Rental Agreement

Ready-to-use Templates:

We provide you templates that are backed with data gained from experiences. It is crafted from insights gained through 5,000+ successful rental transactions.

Extensive Experience:

With over 11 years of experience, we’ve encountered and covered every possible scenario that may occur between both parties, because our goal is to reduce conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Effortless & Quick Process:

Our system includes digital signatures and an instant e-stamp generator, thereby allowing you to secure the agreement in just 5 minutes. Thus making it easy, fast, and hassle-free!

Now let’s understand the scenario from the perspective of a person who is living in a city like Bangalore. The fast-paced life of this city knows no bounds, not to mention the traffic. So, for someone who has plenty of tasks in hand and does work on the go- you can barely expect that person to invest time in the long and tedious work that goes into ‘house rental agreement work.

If you ask us, we will say it is always preferable to opt for a hassle-free service that promises convenience and at the same time is legally valid. The rental agreement may not appear as challenging work at first glance, but if you dive in deep, you’ll understand how small details related to the documents can cause hindrances in your agreement. A better way is to delegate the work to a trusted online platform like ZeroChaos, where you can efficiently get your rental property-related work done in the most simplified way. Break yourself free from the conventional practices and opt for smart choices, opt for ZeroChaos.

To learn a step-by-step guide of creating a rental agreement at ZeroChaos, read the following blog.

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